Tishrei 5776

The Boro Park Y was founded in 1917 by members of the community who were concerned
about the various needs of the Jewish Immigrants moving into the neighborhood at that time. They founded
many institutions including Maimonides Medical Center and kept alive the traditions they had learned
at home in Europe.

Today the Y or Mercaz D'Boro Park, as the Y is often known as, continues in this tradition of Chesed
serving the needs of the people living in our community, with great sensitivity to the Hemishe community
we serve. All of our childrens, adults and exercise programs are offered  to all the community at
separate times geared to the community and school calendars.
Only at the Boro Park Y can you participate in programs with the confidence that they are in accordance
withyour family's traditions and values, and that your values are as important to the staff as they are to you.

As you look through our Web Site you can get the whole picture of the various programs offered at
the Y. Please don't hesitate to share with us your questions or comments, either via e-mail directly
the staff at their individual e-mail addresses, or call the staff at the 718 438-5921 and request to speak with the staff
person who is most suited to respond to your questions. We also welcome any rerquest for programming or  activities
you would like to see at the y.

We thank the UJA/Federation for their continued support of our agency. We do appreciate as well the support of community members
and institutions who enable us to contnue our wide range of activities.

 We thank you for the opportunity to continue in the tradition of Chesed and community involvement.

Yaakov Reichman,