Registration Information


 Welcome to Club Nissim
Club Nissim – a Day program for Holocaust Survivors, was named by it members in recognition of their miraculous survival (Nissim is the Hebrew word for ”miracles”). It is a dynamic program that serves the Holocaust Survivor/Nazi Victim by offering a wide variety of activities aimed at fostering and preserving physical and mental well-being, stimulating intellect, the Yiddishe soul, the senses and providing a cheerful, friendly setting for socialization with their peers.

Visit us, and you will discover many dear familiar faces and friends. This is also the place to make fresh connections and find new friends. You have the opportunity to explore different pastimes and try new hobbies.

Club Nissim is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to midafternoon and Thursday from 10:00 – 12:00 noon. Members are encouraged to browse and select among the many varied activities, or to just drop in for a shmooze!

The Claims Conference has established eligibility for this program. It follows the time line of Nazi rule in the countries of Europe. An individual’s eligibility will be determined at time of registration.

 How to register
Registration and membership are free to those individuals who meet the eligibility criteria. Registration can only take place through a personal visit to the Club Nissim office and an interview with a staff members. The following information is required:

  1. Name, address, phone number, date of birth – no financial information is required
  2. City, country of birth, your where abouts from 1933 –1945, the dates of when you left your original home and when you can to the United States.
  3. Name and phone numbers (home, work, cell) of two emergency contact who can be called upon in case of emergency.
  4. Name and phone number of your primary physician
  5. A complete list of all prescription medication in the event of emergency medical situation.
    All information is kept strictly confidential.

Please note the Y building is handicapped accessible.

We welcome all members of Club Nissim to attend any and all of the programs we offer – select what interests you and come as often as you choose. There is no commitment and you are free to make the choices that best suit your needs. We respectfully request that you come and go during breaks and do not disturb ongoing programs due to lateness or leaving early.

We do not allow visitors to our programs except for home health aides accompanying a member. This policy is strictly enforced, but

Club Nissim offers a wide range of activities. Our program is constantly evolving and we look to our members for their input. The following is a partial listing of the activities we offer throughout the year. For particular monthly activities please see the calendar.
They include:
Exercise classes – Monday thru Thursday morning – these are a constant and written in “stone”     
Arts and Crafts
Bingo, Puzzles and Board Games          
Book Circle – Story time read listen and discuss
Birthday Club – Monthly event based on your Hebrew Birthday
Bowling and Ping Pong
Choir and Sing along
Cooking and Baking
Discussion Group – Led by social workers from JBFCS to discuss issues faced by our members
Health Lectures – sponsored by Maimonides Medical Center, Lutheran Hospital and NY Methodist Hospital
Knitting and Crocheting
“Laughter Yoga”
Lectures on important topics
Movies and Documentaries – Weekly
News and Views – discussion of current events
Nutrition school – a series of lectures by a noted board certified nutritionist
Relaxation Techniques
Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov celebrations
Rumikub – join our “league” of enthusiasts
Support Groups – led by our team of social workers
Trip and outings

This is only the beginning of the list to give you a “taste” of what we have to offer.

We offer a variety of trips for which you must register in advance in the Club Nissim office and for which there is often a small fee. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled by the administration. We try to offer trips to meet the needs of all members but it is a good idea to discuss with the staff if the trip is suitable for your individual needs and abilities. Unless noted otherwise members must bring their own lunches and refreshments.

Programs for Men
Most of our activities are open for men and women but we do offer programs exclusively for men every Tuesday, and Thursday in conjunction with Bikur Cholim of Boro Park. These activities include exercise classes and Shiurim.

 Club Nissim – The Circle
The Circle is a service for members in need of additional support and supervision due to early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, physical disability or age–related cognitive impairment but are capable of functioning within a group activity and would benefit from being with their peers.

Activities are gently paced and interactive engaging the intellect and the senses with memory training, discussions, song and music, crafts, exercise etc. The program is open Monday thru Wednesday and is often integrated with activities with other Club Nissim events and activities.

Many of our members are escorted by Home Health Aides so please ask for information on the guidelines for attendance and participation

Collaborative services available for member of Club Nissim

Lunch is available thru the DFTA funded Boro Park Y Senior Center. If you wish to purchase a lunch thru the Center you can do so on a daily basis and eat either there or upstairs with Club Nissim. In order to eat to be served upstairs you must purchase a ticket in the center and present it to the Club Nissim staff by 11:30 each day.

Transportation is available as a collaborative program thru the DFTA funded Boro Park Y Senior Center. Members can utilize the daily door-to-door service at a cost of $1.50 each way. Tickets must be purchased in advance at the Senior Center, as the driver cannot accept any other form of payment. Reservations for pick-up must be made a day in advance by calling the Senior Center at 718 – 435-3804.

The Senior Center bus is available in our catchment area. If you would like to attend and do not live in the area please speak to Judy Liff about applying for access-a-ride. 

Y membership
Members of Club Nissim are encouraged to participate in Boro Park Y Activities but please note that Club Nissim membership does not cover use of the pool and exercise rooms at the Y. Please check with the Y office if your health insurance provides gym coverage.