Insurance Options

There are several insurance plans that cover partially or fully the cost of  a gym membership or provide a reimbursement plan for gym membership.

Oxford Freedom Plan does provide reimbursement for gym membership for adults - we will be happy to complete the necessary forms for gym reimbursement if you meet their criteria. Call your insurance carrier directly and ask them if your insurance pay for a "gym reimbursment" for information and the proper forms.


Several insurance carriers provide coverage for use of our facilities through the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program. If you have been issued a Silver Sneakers Fitness Program card  through your insurance company please come in and learn how you can use our facilties at no cost to you.
If you are unsure if you are entitled to this benefit from your insurer, you can call 1 -888-423-4632 for information on your enrollment status.

Several companies now provide coverage under a program call Silver and Fit. Please call your insurance carrier to check on eligibility.


Managed Long Term Health Care programs provide for Social Adult Day Care programs now being offered at the Y. Call for information. Medicaid insurance plans do not provide any coverage for swim and gym programs.