Yeshiva Pool Rentals

The Boro Park Y is concerned with the physical health and safety of all members of the community. As part of its committment to the community we encourage local Yeshivas to use the Y facilities for the physical education and swimming component of their curriculum. The Y pool and gym are avaialbe for rent, for the exclusive use by a Yeshiva, based on the following critera:

1. The Yeshiva should call to discuss the availability of the pool and gym, based on the Y's schedule.

2. The Yeshiva must provide  adequate staff to supervise the use of the gym and  the Y will provide all necessary lifeguards.

3. The Yeshiva must provide proof of current liability insurance.

4. The Yeshiva must agree to follow all Y rules for safety.

5. The Yeshiva will have exclusive use the facility during the time they have rented space.

Many local Yeshivas use the Y for their swimming or gym program and the Y has a proven record of quality programs and safety. Several Yeshivas use swimming at the Y as  a prize for learning or hasmada and the children look forward to the activities here.

For further information on fees and times please call Malkie Liefer at 718 438-5921